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We at Mumbai house keeping are a strong core team of XO people. With a task force of XO who are a blend of specialty and experience along with promising young enthusiasts who own irreplaceable skills. Owning up Hygiene, cleanliness process is our passion and this will only lead to more effective functioning of its role in the company with best results.

We believe in creating a WIN WIN situation. As we own your non core processes with vital end results which are indispensable and not isolated in effecting the general well being of the company, that result in no deviation from your core processes and goals of the organization. In other words the non core processes that we own up are having a potential of eating up valuable man hours of the organization as neglecting it would only be causing more concerns. We assure and guarantee you a complete satisfaction from our services as we would be hiring professionals for this job with no extra concerns on you.
Country: India
member since: Aug 3, 2016

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